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Vicky Zhao

AMFT 144131

Agony, angst, anger… In a world of inherent suffering and paradoxical entrapment, what would you let define who you are? 


I live with unshakable faith in the bravery of asking this poignant question. I believe the process of self-discovery is the realest gift of life, the path leading to our internal peace and freedom. 

Offers Services in English and Mandarin Chinese

My therapeutic approach is eclectic, integrating various theoretical and philosophical foundations. I provide psychodynamic-oriented, existentialism-inspired, and process-focused therapy for those seeking expansions in their essential human capacity and spiritual growth. I am dedicated to creating a space for our true selves to emerge beyond ordinary awareness and life's existential conditions. I work with individuals of all cultures, beliefs, and self-identities. 


I have experience working with: 



Childhood adversities 

Intimate Relationships 

Post-Traumatic Stress 

Life Transitions 


In-person session available in Campbell, CA

Virtual sessions available throughout California 


Education and Credential:

BA in Psychology, Philosophy, Minor in Education – UC Davis 

MA in Counseling Psychology – Santa Clara University 

Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist in California (AMFT # 144131)


To learn more about me and my practice:


Supervised by  Dmitry Vulfoviuch, LMFT 

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