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Liberty's Headshot 2023.jpeg

Liberty Flidais

AMFT 134851

Relating with people and witnessing growth is what I love most. It is my honor to support you when you’re feeling stressed out, anxious, invisible or depleted. I hold a somatic (body-based) perspective that is empathetic, patient and curious. I am receptive to that which naturally emerges through thoughts, emotions, sensations, images and memories in each session. I approach personal narratives with openness & compassion.

Physical and emotional pain is often related to our most difficult life experiences. Being a somatic practitioner means that in our sessions, pacing is important and attuning to body language is key. Understanding our somatic responses to stressors improves emotional intelligence.

Cultivating a just and attuned relationship with our own bodies that centers around curiosity enriches our relationships. I take a “power-with” shape in providing care and unconditional kind regard. My work integrates Attachment Theory, Polyvagal Theory, and Liberation Psychology practices with trauma-informed care. Sessions available virtually or in-person. Let's connect!

Supervised by Dmitry Vulfovich LMFT 95964

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