Spiral Process Method is an experiential healing modality geared towards therapists and healing arts practitioners. The method is primarily based on cellular wisdom of the body's natural impulses towards healing and collaboration, as well as the paradoxical allowance of every aspect of the unfolding experience. Our aim is to teach therapists to become sincere human beings and intervene using their innate spontaneity and skillful means.


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1925 Winchester Blvd #106, Campbell, CA 95008

During this course (35 hours), students will learn the roadmap of the experiential healing modality that is process-oriented, present-moment centered, practitioner-and-client centered, depth-oriented, and practitioner-growth-oriented.

This training is a mixture of lecture and practice. Participants will spend a lot of time practicing under the guidance of the instructors.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn to work with the internal state of the practitioner: discover and practice internal resources for: flow, boundaries, connection, ownership, resilience and self-growth.

  • Identify personal triggers (countertransference). Transcend counter-transference and creatively use it to work with clients.

  • You will learn skills to guide client into an introspective state of mind where habitual psychological patterns can be accessed and worked with.

  • You will be able to identify how resistance shows up in your clients through beliefs, emotions, and somatic experiences. You will learn specific skills to work with resistance.

  • You will learn about various ways of engaging client into therapeutic process experientially, via various realms (external, relationship, internal) and mediums (i.e. somatic, arts, chair work, imagery).

Dmitry Vulfovich LMFT, Clinical Director and Master Teacher Trainer.


Cost: $1500

Refund available up to 5 days before class date.

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