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Dmitry is the Clinical Director and Master Teacher at Spiral Process Therapy. He is a lifelong practitioner of meditation, self-inquiry and healing practices such as dance movement therapy, plant medicines, yoga and Zen. Dmitry has been studying and practicing the Process Model, taught to him directly by Don and Carol Hadlock, as well as other Experiential Somatic therapy modalities since 2010. 

Dmitry Vulfovich

LMFT 95964

I'm here to assist and support your healing process. I will teach you to follow the guidance of your body into a state of wholeness using mindfulness and experiential techniques.  

I believe that symptoms are not something to go to war with or get rid of, but rather they can be a compass to track where there is emotional pain.

The body is an important element in my therapy because traumas and personal struggles are often captured through holding patterns in the muscles and can be a doorway towards healing and release.



B.A. Psychology: San Jose Jose State University 2009

M.A. Counseling Psychology: Holistic. John F. Kennedy University 2012

LMFT, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, since 2016

Experience and Training:

  • Process Therapy Master Teacher Trainer

  • Basic Process Training (30 hours) with Don Hadlock

  • One-Way Mirror Experiential Therapy training with Don Hadlock (year long)

  • Advance Process Therapy Training with Don Hadlock (year long)

  • Masters Thesis from JFKU in Ethnobotanical Assisted Psychotherapy (read summary)

  • MAPS PBC MDMA-Assisted Therapy Education Program (50 hours)

  • Introductory trainings in Hakomi Therapeutic Process

  • Dance Movement Therapy Training with Bonnie Bernstein (190 hours)

  • Master Meditator (Vipassana) and Zen Teacher 

Contact Me

1925 S. Winchester Boulevard Suite 106 Campbell, CA 95008

  • LinkedIn
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