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Individual Psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy involves either in-person or video sessions working with your therapist on-on-one. We work with adults and teens and welcome all walks of life. We see all symptoms and challenges as workable areas of adaptation, and we use them to guide client's towards completion. We invite the clients to encounter their edges in order to outgrow and move through areas of stuck-ness and limitation. Our approach is most effective for those who are open and ready to looking inside of themselves in an introspective manner. The session might involve moving around the room, using props, laying down, or sometimes just sitting still and noticing the body.


Our focus areas include the following:  

  • Depression, isolation, lack of connection

  • Anxiety, stress and worry

  • Intimacy and Relationships

  • PTSD including relational trauma

  • Work Life Balance

  • Identity/Life Transition

  • Cultural Adjustment

  • Spiritual and Transpersonal Inquiry

  • Grief and Loss

  • Substance Abuse

  • Compulsive Behaviors

  • Dissociative Disorder Diagnoses

Couples Therapy

Also known as marriage and relationship counseling, Couples Therapy involves both partners in a relationship attending therapy together. The therapist works with the couple to identify and address communication issues, conflicts, relationship patterns, and other challenges they may be facing. 


Family Therapy

During a family session, all or some of the members of the family participate. The focus of therapy session is brining awareness of the way the family relates to and interacts with one another. With the help of the therapist, family members learn how to take responsibility of one's own experiences and behaviors and communicate with each other in authentic and respectful manner that promotes sense of closeness. Once communication and mutual respect between family members improve, families are better able to function as a whole – as each member is more invested in supporting others and strengthening the family unit.

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