About Us

Dmitry Vulfovich LMFT 95964

I'm here to assist and support your healing process. I will teach you to follow the guidance of your body into a state of wholeness using mindfulness and experiential techniques.  

I believe that symptoms are not something to go to war with or get rid of, but rather they can be a compass to track where there is emotional pain.

The body is an important element in my therapy because traumas and personal struggles are often captured through holding patterns in the muscles and can be a doorway towards healing and release. 


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Nadia Vulfovich LMFT 100394

In our sessions, I will invite you to look inside yourself, because this is where the deepest work happens, even if your problem appears as an external problem.

I will use various modalities for that, such as your somatic experiences, imagination, drawing, and props like toys and objects, to help you better see the underlying dynamic of your immediate experience.


I will invite you to experiment so you can discover new ways of being. When you better understand yourself, external situations may resolve on their own, or you will be in a much better place to address them.