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Vanessa James

AMFT 137590

Greetings! I am a passionate AMFT with a Master’s in Holistic Psychology from John F. Kennedy University. My focus is in helping individuals, families and couples move from the murky place of uncertainty  into a deeper state of self-knowing, wholeness and empowerment. 

 Through holistic therapy practices I help clients move from the sympathetic nervous system of fight or flight into the calmer parasympathetic state where we  are able to access your own inner wisdom and truth to guide you into clarity and healing.

My work blends a humanistic, strength based approach that is rooted in mindful, ancient  practices such as Hakomi Somatic Therapy, Archetypical Depth Therapy, Earth based Shamanic Journeys from the Q’eros lineage of Peru , Narrative Therapy, Imago therapy, Nonviolent Communication & Internal Family Systems to better understand our various parts. I believe true healing happens when we welcome and compassionately explore the parts of us that we may shame. One of my favorite quotes is “A soul starts to mend when you accept yourself completely.” My work is experiential, playful, intuitive, and soulful. 

I am honored to facilitate clients in their journey to greater transformation and freedom from suffering.


Location: in person (preferred) or Telehealth.

Supervised by Dmitry Vulfovich LMFT 95964

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