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Being a person in our world can be challenging. When we’re grounded, we can access our innate wisdom to make meaning in our lives and heal. Connecting to this inner wisdom allows us to embody more energy, compassion, creativity, and peace. When we strengthen our relationship with ourselves, we feel safe to explore relationships with others and the world around us.

Katherine Upshur

AMFT 130490


Healing through relationship touches into a fundamental part of being human, and it is at the foundation of how I practice therapy. My style is collaborative, somatic, relational, trauma-informed and culturally aware. I bring empathy, curiosity, humor, and a non-judgmental presence to my work. I believe these qualities are essential for building a genuine therapeutic relationship that is rooted in safety, trust, and compassion. My goal is to offer gentle guidance and a safe container for you to bring awareness to the patterns that cause suffering and become more whole and fully present in yourself.

I practice from a holistic perspective and support all aspects of your being. I consider the context of culture, race, sexuality and gender, spirituality, and the impact power and privilege have on your experience in the world as well as in our therapeutic relationship. I draw on contemporary humanistic, systemic, multicultural, liberative, and transpersonal psychologies I studied in my graduate program as well as relational, somatic, attachment-based modalities and nature-based practices I’ve studied over the years.

I’m passionate about supporting and learning alongside others who are ready to be challenged to slow down and pay attention to the subtleties of the body, mind, and heart.


I work best with teens and adults who:

  • want to slow down and feel more connected with their bodies

  • are overwhelmed and overstimulated

  • are experiencing shifts in identity related to pregnancy and parenthood

  • are experiencing relationship or family challenges

  • are experiencing distress, overwhelm, anxiety, and grief due to climate change

  • are integrating psychedelic experiences

  • are exploring deeper spiritual questions around life purpose

  • are willing to do the hard work of exploring and challenging old patterns and beliefs that may no longer be serving them


Offerings and Location

I offer in-person individual, family, and relationship sessions for teens and adults in Santa Cruz, CA. I meet with clients in my office or outside in nature.


Please reach out for a free 20 minute consultation to see if we'll be a good fit.

More information about me and my services:

Supervised by Nadia Vulfovich LMFT 100394

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