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Everyone is welcome into my practice. I tend to work with adults, couples, and teens. I help clients process a multitude of struggles that include PTSD, anxiety, depression, and divorce. 

Christine Cain

LMFT 141362

In my practice we use active and introspective techniques designed to gently uncover the hurt parts that have taken over your life. These research based and effective interventions open up deep awareness, and create healing of internal fractures. From that work, congruence and integration take hold. The “stuck-ness” seems to dissipate. With your awareness and engagement, healing and alignment come.

I meet my clients with deep compassion and total positive regard. We are both on this path together. As I help them find their way, they expand my world as well. ​I’m in my 50’s. I have experienced a large life: kids, career, relationships, trauma, sickness and loss. Yet often, in my most successful moments, I was in pain.  I felt stuck in my old wounds. Now I feel a lightness.  Day to day, I feel free. Often, I am joyful. I never thought I would say that.  I do this work to share what has healed me.

I have a graduate certification in trauma treatment. As well as training in the IFS basic and trauma approach, I have training in EMDR and Advanced Flash EMDR, which is profoundly effective on trauma.   
My psychotherapy education is holistic; I engage a variety of interventions that engender healing.
The core of my approach is Internal Family Systems, EMDR, Sandtray, Jungian, and Process Therapy. 

I can hold space for your journey. I want you to have joy too.

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